Our Services

With Cine Makers get local coordinator for film, film equipment in rent, film permit, location scouting and all types of services for filming in Nepal.

We have sound knowledge of the rules & regulations of Nepal which enable us to obtain all kinds of filming permit in Nepal, custom Clearance, etc required for film shooting at the suitable locations of Nepal. We arrange both equipment & skilled team for all kinds of film shooting in Nepal like documentary films, docu-dramas, tele-serials, music videos, TV programs, advertisements, etc. We also arrange vehicles, accommodations as per your requirements. Besides that, we can also arrange the travel by air and overland as well. We have our professional team to coordinate both National & International film Makers in Nepal. We coordinate in the following areas in Nepal


  • Support in terms of customs clearance at Nepal's entry points.
  • Arrangement of necessary documents for custom clearance.


  • Location Scouting and Evaluations.
  • Selection of filming locations.
  • Proper filming techniques according to the selected filming location.
  • Negotiating all deals with vendors. Vehicle and catering available at filming locations.
  • Planning and co-ordination for aerial works, helicopters, mockups, picture vehicles.


  • Procurement of efficient and reliable logistics from all over the world.
  • Props arrangement.
  • Film Shooting Equipment Hire


  • Accommodation bookings and confirmations.
  • Airport-hotel transfers.
  • Domestic Air/ Land Travel bookings and confirmations.
  • Coordination of domestic air travel logistics.
  • Arrangement of daily Tour Activities.
  • Ongoing daily liaison with hotel staff, other suppliers and participants.
  • Arrangement of restaurant bookings.
  • Management of arrival, luggage handling and greeting service.


  • Provision of production office space and area for general and administrative works.
  • Provision of 24/7 electricity back up, wifi and all office amenities from stationary to printers, phones and fax
  • Competitive Budget Estimations.
  • Ensuring that all arrangements are established according to program.
  • Management of special requests, Insurance arrangement
  • We welcome innovative ideas and techniques. We would be very grateful to work with you and your filming crew in Nepal and to help you with your film/project.