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A Nepali film maker K.P. Pathak is hoping that his film titled as 'Maina' will inspire other film makers in the tiny country to make authentic films having the shades of their distinctive culture and not just blindly copy the style of film making followed in Bollywood.

This is not the only purpose that the film maker is hoping to fulfill.

There is a bigger and a serious issue that should get more prominence from the content of 'Maina'.

Through the movie Mr.Pathak wants to highlight the agony and helplessness of the a large number of people who have lost their family members during the horrifying 10-year people's war  spearheaded by the Maoist party.

The party has now successfully accomplished its goal of uprooting the rule of the monarchs and has become the sole authority  controling the affairs of Nepal.

But the grave abuse of human rights by the army during the war when over 14,000 people died still looms like a dark cloud over the newly acquired absolute freedom and democracy.

The film gets its name from a 15 year old child named Miana Sunuwar who died because of the unbearable pain of torture of the army men who took her away from her home.

Maina the girl as well as the film now stands up as the sole voice seeking justice to the thousands of innocent people who were killed by the defence forces during the civil war and as a message to the now ruling communist government to probe into the killings and find out the real killers and give them the punishment they deserve.

The horrifying incident of Miana being tortured to death by the army personnel became well known after her mother Devi Sunuwar decided to fight the army by approaching the court of Justice.

Subsequently the Supreme Court gave orders to the police to arrest the people who killed Maina.

For 40 year old K.P.Pathak, it was not at all a cakewalk trying to convey the story that he wanted so much to be seen by the other citizens and the rulers.

Besides finding solutions to the severe financial limitations, Pathak also had to fight his entire family and group of friends who tired to discourage him as they feared for his life.

The courageous film maker says that only films made on genuine Nepali themes will lead eventually to a stage where the Nepali film industry will have a unique identity of its own.

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