Film Equipment Hire in Nepal


Film Equipment hire in Nepal

Thinking of Film equipment hire in Nepal ?

Cine Makers Pvt Ltd arranges all the equipment for filming Nepal. We take care of all film equipment hire in Nepal whether you are shooting a feature film, a documentary, a video project or a commercial, we make sure to meet all your needs and manage your production.We provide the latest and the best equipment for filming in Nepal. Not only film equipment hire in Nepal, we also check and maintain the condition of the equipment you have hired with the help of our professionals time and again. 

Since our company is in the production field and service for more than decade we know  Film equipment  are needed for shooting and making documentary.Film equipment hire in Nepal is not so easy due to the geographic condition of Nepal but don't worry about film equipment hire in Nepal and their  arrangements.We are there to help you in every possible ways.

Equipments Available

We have the latest film equipment for hire in Nepal. We can provide you the following on hire. Please do not forget to book your equipment at least a week in advance as the equipment, we have may already have been booked by someone.

  • Providing high quality transportationDigital and Celluloid cameras viz Red Epic, Sony F-3, Canon D5 & D7 etc. services to all of our clients
  • Lenses (Prime Carl Zeiss)
  • Jony Jib
  • Steadicam
  • Tripods
  • Lights (Tugsatun & Fresnel lights)
  • Reflectors (Mirror reflector, Flexi Round etc.)
  • Skimmers with frames
  • Trolleys and Dollys
  • Cranes
  • Grip and power distribution
  • Inverters/Generators
  • Shooting Vehicles

Other Services

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    Film Production

  • Location Management

    Location Management

  • Filming In Nepal

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